Crane_3D_vi from the series “Fold” sculpture, 2019; Edition 1 of 3, 3D printed image,

multi-media; plastic, paint, plexiglass, 30cm x 18cm. x 18cm.

Studio views of in progress sculpture; maquettes, sizes variable. Photo paper.

Archived Sculpture

Ozonated I, 2010, acrylic polyester resin, sizes variable. Series of sculpture projects.

Resin Pour, 2010, acrylic resin, plexiglass, mixed media materials.

Jellyhang, 2010 – formed acrylic plastic, torn plastic bottles, medical tubing, mixed media.

Weld, 2010 – welded metal, formed plastic, plastic bottles.

One Thousand Kisses Deep, 2007 – etching, paper, electrical wire, mixed media materials.

Resin Pour series, 2010.

Study for Resin Pour, 2010 – poured acrylic resin.