Study for Resin Pour; 2010-2014, acrylic polymer resin

Study for Resin Pour (2010-2014, on-going)

The work, Study for Resin Pour (2010-2014), developed from a body of work reflecting upon the geo-political and cultural significance of water.  While considering water’s relationship to plastics, the work explores the collaboration of materials, and in the formal sense of distorted plastic, the pieces confront the idea of mutability and transcendence.  Specifically, the viewer might process the work Resin Pour as a document that refers back to a physical experience, such as the end point of a performance of water being spilt on the floor, or a passage of time.  The “puddles” of polyester resin sit on a polished concrete floor, their materiality influenced by their physical relationship to the shine of the concrete, along with the floor’s odd traces and indentions beneath.